FAQs and Facts about Learning the Piano

Purchasing / Acquiring a Piano:

It is necessary to have a piano at home, ideally a good acoustic one. A good E-Piano could also work. I am available to lend advice in this matter.Additionally: To those who are reluctant to buy a piano: in Vienna, there are many leasing or renting opportunities and possibilities. The cost would be about 40 Euros per month. Transport costs are extra / excluded! I’m happy to give advice here as well.

Maintenance and Care of the Instrument

An acoustic piano should best be placed against an interior wall far from a heater or radiator. It should ideally be tuned twice a year, especially at the end of the period when heating is used. There should be no extremely dry room air / ventilation.

Is a keyboard an acceptable/tolerable substitute for a piano? No.

What is important when buying an E-Piano?

88 weighted keys, key dynamics, pedals

How can I as a parent support my child?

I often hear parents say, “But I can’t play the piano myself, so

how can I help with it?”

Support can come in many forms and ways. What’s important is your “involvement”. And that does not mean that one has to learn to play the piano. Being involved can mean letting the child play for you, enjoying this, and not criticizing. Or always help make sure music sheets and other required papers are brought to the piano lesson. Experience music together: ideally by singing and making music together, but also by going to concerts or listening to the radio or CD player. Make sure that a good piano, one that is regularly (that means twice a year) tuned, is available.

How does practicing at home go or how is it done?

See above “How can I as a parent…”

Do we really need a piano at home?



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